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"Rage marries long standing FPS controls with a imperceptible amount of RPG elements, that tangentially rides the line between fun and tedious."
- Ernest Cook

Rage Review

Nothing gets by this guy...

A great deal of time has passed since we witnessed the intellect of John Carmack gracing our computer screens. The innovators behind such classics as Quake and Doom, id Software rise again to bring forth their latest creation since Doom 3. Rage is an apocalyptic tale of humanities struggle to survive an insurmountable force hellbent on reshaping the earth into a “Wasteland” of human refuge. As a planned survivor of the asteroid that wipes out most life on the planet, you begin your journey as the sole progenitor of your Ark, and proceed to free various towns from the reigns of the “Authority.” Throughout this adventure you will take on various tasks that require a point-to-point adventure in your vehicle of choice in order to arrive at and complete your objectives. Sporting brand new technology held inside id Tech 5, we are treated to a pleasant canvas of environments, stock full of items, sounds and people that give the game a unique spin from past id projects.

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Adventure Awaits in Minecraft Beta 1.5!

Minecraft Beta 1.5

Before getting into the information, I will be referring to the maker of Minecraft , Markus Alexej Persson, as Notch and a coder for Mojang AB, Jens Bergensten, as Jeb.

On April 19, 2011, Minecraft updated from Beta 1.4 to Beta 1.5!

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BF3 Faultline: Episode 3 Trailer

Jumping Jehoshaphats, Batman!

Batman Arkham City Trailer

Man, that was such an old saying, let me bring it into the modern age by saying: “Why so serious?”

The real reason gamers are so serious is because the awaited sequel to the 2009 game Batman: Arkham Asylum is going to be released in fall of 2011. To be exact, Batman: Arkham City is going to be released on October 21st in Europe, October 19th in AUS, and October 18th in the US.

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BF3 Faultline: Episode 2 Trailer

Batman Arkham City: Gameplay Trailer

BF3 Faultline: Episode 1 Trailer

Black Ops: First Strike Map Pack Rundown


On February 1, the first map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops was made available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The map pack is dubbed “First Strike” and with it comes five new maps, four being for competitive multiplayer while the fifth is a co-op zombie map.

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