What To Know About the Fall Xbox NXE Dashboard Update

NXE Fall Minispot

With the new Xbox NXE Dashboard update around the corner, here’s what you need to know about what’s coming. It looks like this update isn’t quite the departure NXE was from the Blades dash, but it does do some significant graphical and performance tweaks.

After the Xbox reboots upon completing the update, you’ll be greeted by what I have to say is a pretty slick looking redesigned Xbox intro splash screen, featuring a series of thick green lines that swirl around and merge into the X of the trademark Xbox spherical icon, clearly coinciding with the new branding artwork on Xbox retail games.

Fall NXE Beta 3 Fall NXE Beta 7

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BioShock Infinite: First Insight

Bioshock Infinite Old Man

Since the release of BioShock 2 helmed by different a different designer, Irrational Games has revealed their secret little project already well in development in what appears to be the spiritual successor to BioShock, but otherwise has little connection to that story. This time you are no longer in a city underwater in 1960, but a city suspended in the air called “Columbia” in the year 1912. The only difference is that unlike Rapture, which was kept a secret during its development, Columbia was a public grand achievement touted by the US Government.

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