Adventure Awaits in Minecraft Beta 1.5!

Minecraft Beta 1.5

Before getting into the information, I will be referring to the maker of Minecraft , Markus Alexej Persson, as Notch and a coder for Mojang AB, Jens Bergensten, as Jeb.

On April 19, 2011, Minecraft updated from Beta 1.4 to Beta 1.5!

In Beta 1.4, according to Minecraft’s launcher, the update included the following:

  • Tamable wolves (by using bones dropped by skeletons)
  • Added cookies as an item to be crafted
  • Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position
  • New Minecraft logo
  • Holding shift while climbing will hang on to the ladder
  • Spiders will no longer trample crops
  • Lots and lots of infrastructure for Statistics lists and Achievements

While most of the code is written, statistics and achievements won’t show up until the next update. We didn’t quite have time to finish them this week, and didn’t want to delay the update longer.”

Now, according to the last bit of text, the achievements and statistics wouldn’t show up until the next update, and many players are hoping that they will show up with Beta 1.5.

Aside from the anticipation of achievements and statistics, Notch will actually be adding a new feature/element into the game that may or may not increase the adventure factor of the game as a whole: Falling Rain and Snow!

Notch and Jeb of Mojang have been releasing information that pertains to Beta 1.5 and according to this Minecraft Forum Post, the following are confirmed for Beta 1.5:

  • Snow and rain will return and will affect gameplay
  • Thunder and Lightning are added
  • Monsters spawn in the daytime during a thunder storm
  • Achievements and Stats are planned to be released in this update
  • There will be saplings that pertain to specific trees
  • Powered rails (Minecart Boosters) will be added
  • Pigs struck by lightning turn into Zombie Pigmen
  • A rail detector will be added
  • A Flight Parameter in Survival Multiplayer to serve as an anti-cheat feature
  • A tree now drops fewer saplings
  • Occlusion culling added to Video Settings

The addition of lightning definitely will up the adventure and danger factor of Minecraft adventurers because if lightning strikes a pig, a creature only found in the “Nether” will be roaming around in the normal world, and boy they are devastating if provoked! Also, during a thunder storm, the light level will go down by 1 which will ensure that monsters spawn during daytime thunder storms.

There are also some possible features with tweets that show they’re valid, but no need to mention them if they aren’t confirmed.

Also, the only confirmed bug fix in this update is:

  • Water Flow back to normal.

What that means is that since the water current is very strong in-game, Jeb intends to put the current strength back to normal, which will allow players to swim back up stream!

This could be the long awaited update that may or may not bring older players back into the game since this update has the potential to add new possibilities within the game and increase the adventure factor for some players.

Source: [Minecraft Forums/Tweets from Notch and Jeb]


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