Free Super Meat Boy DLC

Meat Meets Teh Internets

To get Super Meat Boy released onto the XBLA the two guys that make up Team Meat had to come up with exclusive online content for the Xbox 360. Originally they had planned on this being an online versus mode, but they couldn’t get it to feel more than like it was just tacked on because they had to. Instead they decided to go with a series of DLC called “Teh Internets”. They so far have five chapters planned for this release with the first planned to be available when SMB launches on October 20th. Each chapter will contain 20 levels and will give players new challenges, and test their skills that they acquired while playing through the main game.

They haven’t finalized the time line of when all of these chapters will be released but they plan on having three out before the end of 2010, and two out in Q1 of 2011.

For more details check out their official blog, where they have posted a Q&A about this DLC.

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