Hydro Thunder Hurricane Gets a DLC Booster

HTH - Tempest DLC - Castle Von Boom

Microsoft Game Studios and Vector Unit unleashed word of an upcoming content pack heading to Hydro Thunder Hurricane titled, the Tempest Pack. The Xbox arcade game that was launched during the Summer of Arcade back in July will be seeing three new tracks, two expert class rocket-powered speedboats, a new set of skins for existing boats, and additional single-player events for the Championship, Ring Master and Gauntlet modes.

New tracks the Tempest Pack will have players whipping around are the volcanic torn ruins of Atlantis, the stormy waters of the Bermuda Triangle, and a medieval castle themed obstacle course which is said to contain exploding barrels and cannons called “Castle Von Boom”.

HTH - Tempest DLC - Whiplash

Whiplash looks speedy.

The two boats included in the DLC is the Formula 1 resembling “Whiplash” and the flat-bottom fan driven “Psyclone”. Vector Unit will also be adding upgraded versions of six novice and pro class boats, bumping them up to expert class, offering more variety to the competitive selection. Finally, a slew of new additional skins will be available for all the boats.

The DLC will be available in October 2010 and will include three new obtainable achievements.

HTH - Tempest DLC - Atlantis

They found Atlantis, and now it's a race course.

Source: [vectorunit.com]


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