Jumping Jehoshaphats, Batman!

Batman Arkham City Trailer

Man, that was such an old saying, let me bring it into the modern age by saying: “Why so serious?”

The real reason gamers are so serious is because the awaited sequel to the 2009 game Batman: Arkham Asylum is going to be released in fall of 2011. To be exact, Batman: Arkham City is going to be released on October 21st in Europe, October 19th in AUS, and October 18th in the US.

Normally, Batman is in Gotham City, where he is in his true element. In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman was trapped in an asylum, disconnected from his true city. Now, in the 2011 release of Batman: Arkham City, Batman is in a city filled with criminals. Having that in mind, the game already sounds epic as is. However, more details of the game were released in a forum post on Batman: Arkham City Community Forums.

According to Sefton Hill, the Rocksteady Game Director, Batman: Arkham City’s story mode “Was designed to be story driven while remaining open world as we felt there was a really interesting space in between the two types of play.” In the forum post, Hill states that the main storyline will be about 12-15 hours of play, which is less than half of the game!

Batman Arkham City: Steel Mill

A look at the Sionis Industries Steel Mill from Arkham City.

The second half to the game is the newly implemented Arkham City Missions. “These tell the story of what happens when Gotham’s most notorious super villains are locked up together,” according to Hill. These missions can be taken at any time during the main story as the player finds them. In a direct quote from the forum post, Hill says “Some of my favourite moments are in these missions, including tracking down a deranged serial killer, solving a murder mystery, forming an alliance with a one-time villain and confronting the Riddler as he attempts to prove once and for all he is better than Batman.” These give a unique experience to players because they can choose to do the main storyline as well as take these as they find them in the open world of Arkham City.

The last thing included in the post is that the puzzles and secrets that players have to solve will challenge them, as they have to use Batman’s gadgets in interesting and inventive ways: “Nearly every secret requires you to use your gadgets in inventive and interesting ways.”

In total, adding up the main storyline and all the Arkham City Missions plus puzzles, it will take a total of 25-30 hours to complete them.

Batman: Arkham City will be released on the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, as well as the PC.

And today, the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City was released titled as “Ain’t No Place for a Hero,” where it is a debut of its gameplay!

Source: [Batman: Arkham City Official Website]


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