Pinball FX 2 Model and Pricing Information

Pinball FX 2 - Secrets of the Deep

It seems Zen Studios, the team behind Pinball FX, is doing something new for the sequel which will see the first wave of content slamming the Xbox Marketplace October 13th. Basically Pinball FX 2 will be a platform for purchasable tables. The base platform will be free, similar to the infamous Game Room on XBLA which allowed you to download playable classic arcade cabinets and store them in your personalized arcade.

The new tables arriving in a couple of weeks are Pasha, Rome, Biolab, and the newly revealed Secrets of the Deep and will be made available as a pack priced at 800 MS Points (Or $10 USD). Each additional table will cost 240 MS Points (About $3 USD). The classic pack will also be available for 800 MS Points which include Speed Machine, Extreme Agents, and Buccaneer. These tables will even be playable on a preview basis to ensure that’s what you want to buy because they’re cool like that.

The developers have also mentioned how they want to take care of those who purchased the original Pinball FX and its DLC. Those tables will be imported into Pinball FX 2 so you will not have to buy them twice, and will come with graphical enhancements, physics updates and new achievements.

Source: [Press Release]


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