StarCraft II 1.1 Patch on the Loose

StarCraft II Terran Siege Tanks

Blizzard Entertainment dropped the long awaited and much talked about version 1.1 patch today. With it comes several significant balancing tweaks and bug fixes. You will also see enhancements to the editor and support for nVidia 3D Vision for those equipped to use it—I’m still trying to wrap my head around whether that’s a good idea. Below are the major unit balance modifications.


Zealot > Build time increased from 33 to 38.
Zealot > Warp Gate cooldown increased from 23 to 28.


Battlecruiser > Ground damage decreased from 10 to 8.
Bunker > Build time increased from 30 to 35.
Reaper > Build time increased from 40 to 45.
Siege Tank >Siege mode damage changed from 50 to 35 (+15 armored).
Siege Tank > Upgrade damage changed from +5 to +3 (+2 armored).

  • ZERG

Ultralisk > Ram ability removed. Ultralisk will now use normal attack against buildings.
Ultralisk > Damage decreased from 15 (+25 armored) to 15 (+20 armored).

You can find the whole change log here.

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