What’s New in Minecraft’s Beta Phase?

Minecraft Beta Screenshot

On December 20th, Markus Persson, better known as Notch, announced that Minecraft is coming out of its Alpha phase and going into its Beta phase. With this upgrade comes some updates:

  • A working server-side inventory
  • Survival multiplayer servers don’t save chunks as often, and they don’t resave if they have been saved in the past thirty seconds
  • Moving too far away from a container, or having it blow up, closes the inventory screen
  • The /kill command has been fixed
  • Leaf decay reintroduced, which acts differently from before
  • Eggs are now able to be thrown
  • Added a “super exclusive” clan cloak for Mojang employees
  • “.. and something else, which is even more rare”

Other things not in the list above but are included in the update are:

The “something else” that is said to be “rare” will definitely trigger a new hype within the Minecraft community. Also, there may be a possibility of clans making an appearance since Mojang employees now have exclusive clan cloaks.

Since Minecraft has entered its Beta phase, the price has been raised by a few dollars, however, if purchased during the Beta phase, those who purchase it will not receive the “lifetime-subscription” they would have received when purchased in Alpha. This could mean that players have to pay for all future expansions (such as Beta to Release).

Source: [The Word of Notch]


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