The Medal of Honor Experience Part 5: Objective Raid Multiplayer

PC Open Beta for Medal of Honor Multiplayer Nears Deployment


As Medal of Honor gets closer to the end of its development cycle, Electronic Arts will be giving PC gamers a chance at an early look as they are rolling out an open beta this October 4th, ending a short time later on the 7th. Though, people who participated in the closed beta back in June already got a taste, this will give you a delectable slice of what the full game will feature. Two real world based maps will be included, Kunar Base and the Shahikot Mountains.

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New Wii Remote in the Pipeline


Nintendo has confirmed that a new remote for their Wii is coming, but they haven’t gone into anymore more details than that. Coming from the discovery of the box art of a Fling Smash bundle on Gamestop‘s website (now taken down). The box clearly says “Wii Remote Plus Included” with a picture of the remote on the front. With the integration of the additional sensors into the remote, Nintendo might start rolling out more Motion Plus titles, because currently the selection is very minimal even over a year after the Motion Plus accessory was released. It’s still unclear if they will also bundle the new controller with their flagship Zelda Skyward Sword title.

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Free Super Meat Boy DLC

Meat Meets Teh Internets

To get Super Meat Boy released onto the XBLA the two guys that make up Team Meat had to come up with exclusive online content for the Xbox 360. Originally they had planned on this being an online versus mode, but they couldn’t get it to feel more than like it was just tacked on because they had to. Instead they decided to go with a series of DLC called “Teh Internets”. They so far have five chapters planned for this release with the first planned to be available when SMB launches on October 20th. Each chapter will contain 20 levels and will give players new challenges, and test their skills that they acquired while playing through the main game.

They haven’t finalized the time line of when all of these chapters will be released but they plan on having three out before the end of 2010, and two out in Q1 of 2011.

For more details check out their official blog, where they have posted a Q&A about this DLC.

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Nintendo 3DS Specs?


It looks like the connected staff at IGN, through their sources, have acquired a basic spec list for the upcoming glasses free 3D handheld from Nintendo. This bad boy is said to have TWO 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU, 4MBs of VRAM 64MBs of RAM, and 1.5GBs on board storage. The ARM11 processors they are using are currently found in a lot of mobile devices including the older iPods and the ZuneHD. The GPU is said to be running at 133MHz is slower than the GPU’s maximum speed of 200MHz, yet developers working with the hardware say they are producing visuals that are comparable to the current generation TV consoles. Having seen some of the early demos at E3 it is safe to say that even if the 3D visuals of the games aren’t enjoyable the rendered visuals will still be something nice too look at, and with the significantly larger on board storage there will be plenty of room for some strange 3DS-ware titles Nintendo will be sure to offer.

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Little Big Planet 2 Delayed

Can you wait?

Early this morning, Media Molecule announced that their highly anticipated sequel to Little Big Planet will be delayed until January 2011. Originally LBP2 was supposed to be out this November, but they felt like they needed to take more time to release a game that they feel is complete to their standards. With such heavy anticipation for the title, it makes sense that they only want to release a game that can live up to the hype. While fans looking forward to playing this now have to wait an extra three months to get their hands on a retail copy, MM says they are going to make an effort to release more LBP2 content to players before its launch.
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10 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite

Hydro Thunder Hurricane Gets a DLC Booster

HTH - Tempest DLC - Castle Von Boom

Microsoft Game Studios and Vector Unit unleashed word of an upcoming content pack heading to Hydro Thunder Hurricane titled, the Tempest Pack. The Xbox arcade game that was launched during the Summer of Arcade back in July will be seeing three new tracks, two expert class rocket-powered speedboats, a new set of skins for existing boats, and additional single-player events for the Championship, Ring Master and Gauntlet modes.

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StarCraft II 1.1 Patch on the Loose

StarCraft II Terran Siege Tanks

Blizzard Entertainment dropped the long awaited and much talked about version 1.1 patch today. With it comes several significant balancing tweaks and bug fixes. You will also see enhancements to the editor and support for nVidia 3D Vision for those equipped to use it—I’m still trying to wrap my head around whether that’s a good idea. Below are the major unit balance modifications.

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Halo: Reach Statistics Galore

Halo: Reach Statistics Galore

The folks at Bungie Studios decided to drop some knowledge on us as they posted a whole slew of random statistics. Though it’s only been less than a week since the retail launch of Halo: Reach, this is nothing short of impressive, even if we saw it coming anyway.

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